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Money Management Minute

Everyone that is a MILLIONAIRE is not rich…SAY WHAT?! Now that I have your undivided attention let me explain…You can still have a millionaire mentality without being a millionaire…You can still live your life to the fullest without missing out on life trying to chase money…Understand that it’s all in your net worth…Here’s an even bigger NEWSFLASH…you can be a millionaire and someone who is not can have more with less…it’s all in how you manage your money, time and your life…. so don’t wait until you get there…get there in your mind first…”Beloved, I wish above all things that you prosper and be in health even as your soul prospers” 3 John 2

Why strive for more when you don't know how to manage less?
Some of us know what it is to be broke busted and disgusted, to have just enough, and  some have even experienced having more than abundance until it's overflowing...It's safe to say that most of us would agree that having more than enough is the better of the latter...I have learned the way to fight poverty is not by winning the lottery or a get rich quick scheme, but it's making a decision every day and being consistent about working towards your goals to
achieve financial freedom in a systematic, strategic, and diligent manner. With "faith and patience
you shall inherit the promises" Hebrew 6:12
Another thing they didn’t tell you is that in order to build wealth you have to increase your income (maybe through various streams) and reduce your debt…Living from paycheck to paycheck will not do it...Do you have to have those $200 sneakers when you can start a savings account or purchase some insurance you may need.
You have the keys…you have what it takes…the wisdom is locked up inside of you...The devil has tried to hide it from you by rearranging your priorities and infiltrating your mind with fear, doubt, and unbelief. He makes you think that when something is on sale you have to have it NOW. Another secret he didn’t tell you is that there will always be good deals…there will always be sales…You need to stay focus and make sure it's an immediate need when achieving your financial goals.
One of the most important steps to financial freedom is making sure your goals and net worth are properly assessed…It may be necessary for you to meet with a financial advisor/planner of some sort in determining where you are financially and how to get where you desire to go. Remember it’s a process…so give yourself time to get there.
So the next time when making financial decisions…you need to decide do you really need all the channels on cable when you don’t even have adequate health life or car insurance?

As always #keepgrowingingrace


   Most people have a desire to connect with their true soul mate. They want to experience that unconditional passion, fire, desire, and fearless love. They want to be with that one person that stimulates and lights up their life. When this happen you will not have to give up what you love to connect with them… So why not start with the best relationship...the one with becoming a better YOU!! 

When you truly love you, that’s when you will discover your true soul mate. Why? Because when you love yourself, you will do things for yourself that make you the best version of YOU. You will sparkle, shine, radiate and you will attract. Your soul mate will love you for that same reason. Don’t ever let go of what makes you the best YOU. (Jenna Phillips)  

Learning to love you first is the best relationship ever... Do what makes you happy and makes your soul glow and grow. When you neglect your soul you will end up lost. Sometimes this will require pruning off things that no longer creates value for you.

A lack of identity will cause you to accept what you really need to eliminate. Your ability to draw clear, hard lines for what you will & will not tolerate is an act of love of yourself & others  

What a masterpiece you are and you will become when you are connected with the right one. #keepgrowingingrace
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